WorkSkylanders Battlecast (Activision)

Announce Trailer

The Skylanders are back in an all-new mobile adventure! "Skylanders Battlecast" brings the world of Skylands to the battle card game genre. Using "Skylanders Battlecast" battle cards, players can collect all of their favorite heroes from the Skylanders franchise and use them to battle online or against friends using their mobile devices.

The Announce Trailer reveals the features of the brand new "Skylanders Battlecast" game. Using a mix of live action, and gameplay footage, Ant Farm’s trailer introduces the Battlecast app, collectible hero cards, and the exciting new gameplay content. Through carefully composed shots of the augmented reality features, the Announce Trailer helps set "Skylanders Battlecast" apart from other battle card games as it allows players to collect physical cards and then bring those cards to life in the game. Ant Farm provided live action production, editorial, and post-production services for this trailer.

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