WorkNo Cameras Allowed (MTV Networks)


Ant Farm closely collaborated with MTV on creating a trailer for the highly acclaimed documentary, "No Cameras Allowed," which follows James Marcus Haney’s journey of breaking into music festivals and inserting himself into the world of some of the biggest musical names in the industry (Mumford & Sons, Jay-Z, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros). Marcus Haney wasn't the usual festival kid, but rather someone who has a great passion for photography and filmmaking that drove him to do whatever necessary in order to gain access to his favorite bands performing. Using only his camera as a prop to sneak into festivals, he successfully walked away with incredible raw footage that wowed even his most famous subjects. "No Cameras Allowed" offers an intimate, honest, behind-the-scenes glimpse at world-renowned musical talent from the point of view of a kid who was never invited, but always managed to get unprecedented access.

Ant Farm's team provided copywritting, editorial, post-production services, and motion graphics design.

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