WorkChevy NAIAS 2017 (Chevrolet )

Chevy NAIAS 2017

For this year’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Ant Farm was tasked with developing a unique batch of films to be displayed across nine massive screens that encompassed the showroom floor.

Entitled “Inspired Design”, this two-minute experience took audiences on an all-encompassing, seamless journey across Chevrolet’s elegant design elements through the power of the natural world around us. Grains of sand would blow along the dunes to reveal the pristine body of a Chevy Malibu. Blossoming flowers would unfurl their petals to expose a vivid red taillight. A powerful shark swimming through the pristine ocean waters fluidly evolves into a piercing blue Chevy Camaro. This film continuous flowed from one design element to the next to showcase the elegance and beauty of Chevy within the world we call home.

In addition, Ant Farm interwove a poignant soundtrack that, composed and created entirely in-house, to drive home the undeniable emotion and inspiration behind every piece of Chevrolet’s elegant design.

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