WorkAmerican Hustle (Columbia Pictures)

Teaser Trailer

Ant Farm's theatrical arm, Industry Creative, worked closely with Columbia Pictures on director David O'Russell's 70s crime comedy-drama, "American Hustle." The Industry Creative team skillfully crafted an alluring, edgy, and sexy teaser around the fictional story of a con artist who helps the FBI catch members of Congress taking bribes. The teaser reveals the over-the-top characters, their appetite for greed, and their outlandish schemes.

We chose to let the viewer's imagination run wild with an edited piece that had very little dialogue in it, but featured the amazing award-winning ensemble cast, along with arresting visuals and a great musical track to drive it. Our internal motion graphics team designed and animated 2D text graphics while our in-house music department supplied music supervision with the iconic Led Zeppelin song, "Good Times Bad Times."

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